Empowering people with Intellectual
& developmental disabilities

At Hennepen’s we are privileged to employ team members from ARC that comprise more than 60% of our staff. Working in areas such as packaging, shipping, labeling and even direct to consumer sales through our market pop-ups, our team members from ARC are integral to the day to day success of Hennepen’s.

Hennepen’s works exclusively with ARC Mid-Hudson

The Arc Mid-Hudson is a private not-for-profit agency founded by families in Ulster, Greene and Putnam Counties who believed that their children with disabilities should have the same opportunities as their peers. Supporting 1,800 people from preschool through adulthood, our mission is “To empower people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to achieve and experience the highest quality of life.” We are guided by the core values of respect, integrity, compassion and excellence.

The Arc Mid-Hudson believes each person is unique. We provide individualized services to every person, featuring a broad range of innovative and effective programs designed to foster independence, productivity and participation in community life. With over 1,700 employees, The Arc Mid-Hudson is one of the largest employers in the area.

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Meet The Hennepen's ARC Employees

Meet our current ARC members who have all become Hennepen's employee's & friends. We are proud to have made our company labor force 60% + from the ARC member's of Mid Hudson.

Here is a little bit about each of the team members in their own words!



Hi. I'm Shawn

"I was born in Poughkeepsie NY and raised in Malden NY. I am 22 years old. I went to Cahill Raguritie and Mt Marion then transferred to Myer in 5th grade. I then started 6th grade at Bailey middle school and finished my middle school years at Miller middle school and finished my high school years at Kingston high school in the class of 2017. My hobbies include watching TV movies, reading, drawing, playing video games and talking and hanging out with friends and family. I am the Cannabis Colorado Cowboy -- I recently went on a epic trip with Bradford Beckerman to Colorado to see the farm where the hemp begins for the products I help make for my boss Bradford and his company Hennepens."

Hi. I'm Ivar

"I like martial arts and sailing, although I have not been able to do them much lately. I really want to continue studying martial arts. I am also working on getting my drivers permit. In the past I was able to participate in special Olympics, in softball and bowling.

I have an apartment in the center of my town, and I enjoy getting out in the community and having friends. My family lives nearby and I get to spend  time with my Dad.

I have a lot of work experience at places like McDonalds ,and doing  cleaning, and security. My job at Hennepen's is the best by far. I am part of a team here and they value my work. I get to go out on sales calls, as well as doing shipping and receiving. Sometimes I help out with packaging if I am needed for that."




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