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Our History

When we set out on our journey over 6 years ago we made a commitment to craft the finest, most superior quality CBD products on the planet. We analyzed step by step every piece of the plant-to-product process and assembled an experienced team to deliver on our promise.

Meet the Management Team

Scientists, farmers, hemp evangelists and all around good folks.
Meet the full team behind everything we offer at Hennepen’s


Bradford Beckerman

Founder & CEO

When a near fatal accident left him with a traumatic brain injury and reliant heavily on pharmaceutical drugs -- he began a successful journey to find natural methods of healing. Through the power of hemp he's been able to alter his journey and head down a path to share his findings with the masses. Bradford turned his passion for hemp into a profession as a broker, dealer, distributor in cannabis. His influence and ingenuity is all over the wellness industry from his functional beverages sold through Whole Foods all the way to every product Hennepen's produces.


Eric Gang

Co-Founder & CTO

Eric has been helping companies and brands navigate and succeed through their start-up modes for over 14 years. An expert in lean and bootstrap-minded growth, he uses his passion and skills in technology and brand experience to elevate new organizations and bring clarity to complex endeavors. Whether aligning a company's technologies and user experience or charting rocket ship-sized growth with focus and determination -- Eric helps make a company's ideas better.

Michael Maibach

Mike Maibach

Director of Science

Craig Murray

Craig Murray

Director of Sales

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