Superior Quality.

Welcome to Hennepen's

We have perfected a focused product line of ingestible methods of full and broad spectrum hemp derived softgels, tinctures, and topicals. All of our products are gluten-free and vegan, with formulation techniques to maximize the absorption by the body.

This is a company born of our love for hemp and the miraculous effects it can have on our world.

Power to the Plant

Our team’s dedication to the philosophy that hemp can fundamentally change the world has built Hennepen’s into everything it is today. We are a group of scientists, wellness experts and hemp evangelists and our goal is to enable access to quality CBD products and expand this world’s relationship with hemp.


Sonya Lamonakis

IBO World Champion | New York State Champion
Sonya Lamonakis - The Champ

See how cannabinoids, specifically CBD, have improved Sonya's recovery.

Find a Specialist on our Wellness Network

We are in the early stages of something big. At Hennepen's, we look to experts for the best insight into understanding and knowing the right cannabinoid regimen for you. That's why we've started the Hennepen's Wellness Network, a place to find like-minded wellness providers that can help guide you toward the best cannabinoid program.

We are currently expanding our network in and around the
Catskill, Hudson Valley and New York City regions.

If you'd like to learn more about how to join our network Click Here.

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